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November 15, 2007


Rob Weir

Hi Peter,

I'm pretty close to ODF, as co-Chair of the ODF TC, a frequent blogger on the topic, conference speaker on ODF, etc. So I'd like to offer a few comments/corrections.

1) No one but the three remaining OpenDocument Foundation members refer to the Foundation as "ODF". There is too much obvious room for confusion.

2) The Foundation in no way was sponsored by OASIS. The Foundation was a member of OASIS, one of around 15 who worked on ODF, but they had no extra or special relationship to the format beyond any other OASIS member.

3) You say that OASIS rejected the Foundation's proposals which would have "made it possible for OpenDocument-formatted documents to round-trip with Microsoft Office users in workflows without losing Office document metadata." That is an opinion. Does that reflect your opinion? If not, whose is it? If you are just restating what the Foundation told you, then this really should say "which the Foundation claims would have made it possible...". Note that this claim is not widely held, and in my expert opinion I do not believe it to be true. If I thought it would lead to improved interoperability, I would have supported it.

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