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January 19, 2008


David M Wilson

Over the course of about a week, it is still not possible to read the PDF, or to download it in an *uncorrupted* form. Apparently, that is a great way to claim that people haven't actually read it, because you can be sure that that is true. If the file is deliberately corrupted, you are absolutely correct that no one can read it.

For that reason, your protestations of hurt feelings because interested parties haven't actually read the piece ring awfully hollow.

Post an uncorrupted file, in a standard PDF format, and allow your critics to read the piece. Until that happens, the perception will continue to be that you are M$ shills, and not to be taken seriously.

Further, waiting until after the February ISO meeting to correct the specific errors in your report just add to the perception that the report was not honest to start with, that you knew that before publishing it, and that correcting your errors would indeed negatively prejudice Micro$oft's forum packing in that meeting.

No sense in actually reporting the truth, when that would make your paying client look like the convicted criminal, predatory monopoly that they have been adjudged to be.

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