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December 23, 2008


Peter de Haas


Some good questions.

First of all consumer IM is already way beyond 150M users. Windows Live Messenger alone has over 300M users globally.

My guess at why the uptake in the enterprise is taking longer would be :

- The killer communication app in the enterprise is email .. hard to replace.

- Because IM is such a big hit in the consumer space many enterprises have viewed it as a consumer "gossip" solutions.

As for the ROI / value question

To me the true value of IM (related) solutions is :

- Presence ... Presence is the true value which is provided through the IM solution. Presence is the first point of call and triggers all communications based on a person's availability.

- Unified Communications .. You already mentioned the approach of Cisco and Microsoft and others. BY approaching IM not as a silo technology but rather a part of the Unified Communications platform you can realize more benefits. IN Microsoft Netherlands for example no one uses a normal telephone or IP phone; everyone uses Microsoft Communicator / Office Communications Server integrated with telephony / Office Live Meeting

So all communications integrated, no hardphones, prensence based communication ... this is real added value

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