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December 11, 2008


Account Deleted

Great post and will certainly help providers of 3C products / services to pass the present market condition.

Yes, the technologies (3C) you cover are relegated to the "nice to have" category by some executives. But there are verticals where 3C falls under 'must have' category and is serious business requirement, for instance business organizations dealing in 'Content', consulting firms, research organizations, media organizations, publishers etc.

With reference to the findings of Diamond's study "only the top two quartiles (Stalwarts and Opportunists) ..." I think verticals where 3C falls under 'nice to have' category, got to realize the perceived value of 3C.

The upcoming success stories from the early adopters of 3C will push 3C from 'nice to have' category to ' must have' category.

We at cyn.in ( https://cyn.in ), as 3C enabler have packaged and positioned our offering based on the market condition and customers requirement. We are receiving great response from the market for our product.

I would really appreciate next post from you providing guidance to all 3C enablers to face the present market condition.

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