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March 20, 2009


Stéphane Croisier

Nice post. I share the same feeling... excepted that there is no real SN Suite out there which is framework-neutral. Most of the SN suite are currently focused on being deployed as fast as possible on customer environement and more on stand-alone dedicated servers. This means that they embedd their own kind of "Portal/Widgets Fondation". Ideally speaking it would be great to see more portable OpenSocial powered Portlets (or gadgets)(at least in the Java world) so that anyone could plug them into any existing Portal Server. On the other hand this also mean that all Portal Server implements for instance OpenSocial. Else you will rapidly have all activities monitoring widget at double, two distinct user profile application, etc... (one managed by the portal and the other one by the SN Suite).

So on the Jahia side (www.jahia.org), an open source WCM and Portal server we were looking for a SN Suite which could act as a complementary offering and which could take care of all these social aspects.... Still quite hard to find for the moment (or at the cost of lots of custom integration)!

I am taking all good ideas ;-).

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